Friday, May 28, 2004

What Would That Look Like...Part 2

In my last entry, I asked the question, "What would the life of a "saint unknown look like?" It is in looking around at the people I know that the question began to form in my mind. I'll explain.

I've noticed, in my experience, many children in the Orthodox Church, that were raised in the Church, and are...let see how shall I put this...a little different than other kids. Not in a bad way (though the world might tell us otherwise), just different. They are children who instinctively ask forgiveness, who cry when they perceive that harm has come to another, who hurt when someone doesn't say "I'm sorry" when they should (adults are particularly adept at not asking children for forgiveness), in short, they are very perceptive of the needs of others, and of their own shortocomings.

Now certainly these are not a trait only found in Orthodox children, but it is one I find much more frequently in these environs. But they are the kind of kids, that at the average elementary school would be spoken of as weird or sissies or some other similar trait. But they are, in my mind, beautiful children. They are different, very different, but holy in a great many ways.

So how much more might these children be different from the rest of us if they continued in living the life of the Church? Would they even resemble us at all? Or would they be just like us, except that they pray more, and give of their possessions. I'm not trying to pigeonhole saints into a defined place. Certainly all of the children I mentioned are very much their own person, and different from each other in their own ways. But they are also collectively different from the rest of the worlds children.

So maybe I'm asking, what would we look like, had we the same opportunities that many of our children, who've been raised in the Church. How different would we be? Would we recognize ourselves?
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