Thursday, May 27, 2004

What Would That Look Like?

Been thinking lately about the saints. In pondering their saintliness, I've noticed the abundance of what in my mind are akin to "Super-saints". By my definition these would be the clergy and monastic Saints.

Now granted, my knowledge of the panacea of Orthodox Saints is extremely limited, and I am sure there are some that would fall into my other category of "regular saints", and by regular and super, I do not mean to imply that one or the other is greater in saintliness. I'm just wondering, what exactly would the life of the "saint-unknown" look like?

Suppose for a minute that there was a living saint that lived next door to you, or that stood on the other side of the church from you. And suppose that you had prophetic knowledge to know that this "regular" person would someday be recognized as a saint for the way they lived their life. What might that person live like now? What things would we notice about such a person that would mark their holiness as exceedingly great. How might this persons everyday life, attitudes, and activities be different than our own. Is it likely that a person living everyday in the world will become a saint?

I am so far away from this kind of saintliness, that I can't even begin to understand what this kind of life looks like. I'm not sure I have any categories of consideration to put that kind of life in, being that that kind of life is so different from my own. Maybe my thinking on this is all screwed up, and I really think it might be, so I'm wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on this.

Or perhaps you know someone like this. Tell me about them if you like. I'm looking for role models....
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