Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Mr. Mom (minus the kids)

Well, life over here has taken quite a few turns since my last post, and a few of you (Aaron and James) have been squeeling to know what's up in Whittamore land. A lot and not much.

On July 2nd, I was informed of my "release" from work. It really scared this newlywed, who wants to provide for his family and keep his wife home from work. I don't even have kids yet, but looking long-term down the pipeline at what the future holds, things got a little bleaker. My mind immediately started thinking things like "Where am I going to work now?" and "Is it going to be another job that I can't stand and find no fulfillment in that pays next to nothing?" This on top of, "How am I ever going to find time to finish my degree, so I hopefully won't have this level of intensity in these thoughts?" As thing stood, I was 29 units away, which in my mind may as well have meant I was still in high school.

For those of you wondering why the stress was this high, let me inform you that I had just gone through this same thing back in February. But God often works in mysterious ways, and in this particular instance it came from one of the more mysterious in my mind...my wife. What a beautiful and wonderful woman He has entrusted to my care. As we were sitting discussing this (well she was sitting, I was doing the mental equivalent of pulling myself into the fetal position), she very calmly suggested that maybe I should not look for another job, to which my immediate thought was, "Are you nuts???" She further explained that we could get by, if we cut back a little, on her income, and I could spend the next six months knocking out 29 units. Then I could get a job (hopefully) that paid a lot better, and we would be much closer to our goals. So this is where we stand. It's funny how the worst things, when looked at from a different vantage point, can be a blessing. I love my wife. Oh and by the way, I love my wife.

Being a house-husband is weird.

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